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Navigate Property Division In Confidence

When a married couple decides to file for a divorce, they must mutually agree or defend themselves in a battle for fair property division. At McKinnish Law Group, we focus on fighting for equitable distribution of every asset their clients are entitled to. As with many divorce cases, the splitting of marital assets can often become a bitter and long trial to go through.

In the rare event that a couple can agree upon equal and fair distribution of all assets and debts, an attorney’s job is made easy. Typically, this does not happen for many couples facing divorce. Along with the emotional anguish of a divorce, they must also come to an agreement or face each other head-on in court when it comes to property division.

What You Can Expect In Your Case

Generally, a court will consider factors such as debts incurred and assets gained, as well as the dates the debts and assets were incurred. Situations such as a home or vehicle being listed in one spouse’s name and not the other are often ones that can pose a problem. If an attorney is not skillfully mastered at acquiring these assets for their clients, they could easily lose their deserved portion of the asset. The attorneys of McKinnish Law Group, have reputations for gaining every asset and financial dues owed to their clientele during a divorce, no matter how large or small.

To be able to present a solid family law case to the court in reference to property division, an attorney must first have the resources to collect every bit of financial information on a married couple. It is unfortunate, but often one of the individuals involved in a divorce will go to great lengths to hide assets. Some have even been known to give expensive items away to friends and family members, only to have them returned after the divorce is over.

Another sad scenario is a spouse who deceptively purchases properties, stocks, bonds and other financial investments and keeps them well hidden. It takes a dedicated legal support system to discover these assets and make sure they are included when a judge makes a final decision as to the equitable distribution of property. Without an attorney who is fearless and of high reputation, many of these assets go undiscovered, and the deserving party loses out entirely on their fair share of hidden assets.

Beyond discovering hidden assets, it takes extensive knowledge of the legal system and an understanding of exactly how a court will proceed when presented with a property division and spousal support case. An attorney who is inexperienced can easily make mistakes and cost their clients hundreds, thousands and even millions of dollars in a property division case. McKinnish Law Group, has an outstanding reputation for finding hidden assets, having accurate appraisals done on assets and, most importantly, winning a fair share of all marital property for their clients.

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Our reputation has been well earned and is justly deserved because our attorneys are fiercely dedicated to each case and have the skill needed to win even the most complicated of cases. Each case taken by our attorneys is handled with the same dedication and professionalism they would use to represent their own family members.

When involved in a property division battle, taking an attorney of McKinnish Law Group, into the courtroom will ensure a fair distribution of all marital assets, whether they are well hidden or not. Call us at 865-229-9854 or email us here to schedule your initial consultation today.