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What Type of Disability Attorney is best for you?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2020 | Attorney, Benefits, Court, Disability, Firm News, Health, Healthcare, Social Security

Social Security Disability is a special area of practice.  Attorneys who are well-versed in Social Security Disability law often have a large volume of social security disability clients.  While a large-volume, specialized practice can be beneficial for clients because attorneys in this area are familiar with the procedures relating to the Social Security Disability process, the human touch and special attention to the details of your case may be lacking in these large mill firms.

Here are a few things to know if you are seeking a Social Security Disability Attorney:

  • Social Security attorneys cannot charge an initial consultation fee.  All social security fees must be approved before collected;
  • There is a cap to how much an attorney be awarded from your case. Twenty-five (25%) of your backdue benefits up to a cap of $6,000, whichever is lower. Back payments are benefits that accrued while you were waiting for Social Security to approve your case;
  • The only fee that can be charged up front is a small fee to be held in trust for medical records. Many firms, McKinnish Law Group, PLLC included, does not charge for medical records until your case is concluded;
  • If you have never met with an actual attorney you may want to seek alternate representation. Many firms use support staff to work their social security cases.  It is very unnerving for clients to walk into a hearing and not know the person who is representing him/her or to have had your case evaluated by someone not appropriately trained.

What sets McKinnish Law Group, PLLC apart from other Social Security Disability firms:

  • You meet with an attorney during your initial consultation. This attorney will be the lead on your case throughout the process;
  • Prior to your social security hearing, you will meet with your attorney if to review your case;
  • Throughout the process, our firm reaches out to you to insure we have updated records;
  • You sign one set of HIPPA compliant medical releases and we obtain medical records on your behalf which alleviates stress.

If you are unable to work fulltime due to a physical or mental condition, please contact McKinnish Law Group, PLLC at 865-233-1105 to schedule a free, initial social security disability consultation.