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Open Adoption Agreements

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2019 | Attorney, Counsel, Family Attorney, Family Law, Firm News, Lawyer

Adoptions are typically plagued as the biological parent having some type of long-term issue that deemed them unfit; whether it be drugs, alcohol, or unfit living conditions. This is not always the case.

Studies show that children who are adopted often struggle with reality v. fantasy. By reality I mean what their current situation is versus what their life would be like had they not been adopted.

Due to ongoing research, studies are showing that children who have some contact with their biological parents have better relationships in their adoptive families and are happier in the long run. They can identify with certain traits and skills they have that may not necessarily make sense. For instance, “Why is my hair curly”? or “Why am I the only person in the family that can sing?” When all along they have this skill from their biological parent who are no longer in the picture.

Historically in the state of Tennessee there has been no way to enforce an agreement between biological parents and the adoptive parents to continue contact after an adoption occurs.

As of March 2019, Tennessee has passed legislature like that of the State Georgia that gives biological parents and adoptive parents a way to enforce a contract regarding contact between the child/children once an adoption is final.

Essentially, it is a contract and the burden to modify or terminate it is on the adoptive family. Contact our office to find out more information on how we can assist you in providing some alternative options when considering the adoption process.