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The Devastation of Divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Attorney, Counsel, Divorce, Domestic Attorney, Family Attorney, Family Law, Firm News

Once upon a time, I was that girl. I loved to look at bridal magazines. I looked at every jewelry case I passed and dreamed of the day my beloved would fall on one knee and ask me to spend forever with him. The day of the proposal came and it was picture perfect – blue skies, sun glistening off of the waters of East Tennessee, happiness everywhere. After a six month engagement there was a wedding….a beautiful, Pinterest would be jealous affair with all of our Knoxville area friends in attendance and more champagne and peonies that I could have ever imagined.

Most of us, on our wedding day say our vows intending that the union will be forever. That the person beside us is in our corner forever and always. That we can face and survive any and all adversity. However, for some couples, that is not the case. There is devastation and loss and the breaking of what was meant to be. For those of us who have been through a divorce or are staring down the barrel of the end of a marriage, the emotional fallout is gut-wrenching. In addition to wanting to crawl deep inside of the covers and hide til the pain goes away we have jobs to attend, children to raise and obligations to fulfil. While our world may be crashing the rest of the world is still moving on at what can seem to one in the midst of devastation, a breakneck pace. So when divorce is inevitable… the counselling attempts have failed, the tear-stained pleas to God on bended knee seemingly unanswered, where do you turn? I am a divorce lawyer by breed. I started my career at one of the top domestic relations firms in Tennessee and was trained with the best… literally, one partner wrote THE Tennessee book on divorce, and the other is on more advisory boards on matrimony than I can count. So what did I do when my marriage fell apart? After the attempts to right the ship, the hope for change, the harsh and I do mean brutally harsh truth that the end was inevitable. I hired a divorce lawyer. Yes, me, a seasoned divorce lawyer who has practiced in the greater Knoxville-Sevierville-Maryville area since 2006, I retained counsel. You may be asking why in the heck would a divorce lawyer hire a divorce lawyer. Here’s why I hired counsel and why you should too. When your world is crashing around you and everything you know to be normal is in flux then you cannot objectively look at the facts of your divorce. You are feeling all the feels. You are hurting. You are scared. You are angry. You are worried. You are sad. None of the feelings or emotions of divorce will help you to make a sound decision when it comes to deciding whether to keep your house or what schedule will work best for the precious babies you intended to raise in an intact family. So if you are reading this and you are in the midst of a divorce or you are experiencing marital trouble then come and have a free consultation. Hear from a divorce attorney what to expect, what not to expect, what can be done to try to save your marriage, what to do if you are beyond hope. Our consultations are free, and we know firsthand all of the ups and downs you may be feeling. I close by saying that being a Mother has made me a better family law attorney, because I have learned how every single day with your child matters. Being a divorced mother has made me an even better family law attorney, because I have been through the fire. Never in my wildest dreams did I anticipate my professional calling in life would be a divorce attorney, or a social security attorney, but there are no mistakes and I feel confident that where I am today, and the trials to date, have prepared me to better serve my clients.