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A Little Green for Your Monday

On Behalf of | Jun 5, 2017 | Environment, Health, Life

This posting has nothing to do with legal issues or our firm.  Last week the news was filled with both sides of the political aisle discussing President Trump’s exit of the Paris Accord and climate change issues.  While educating yourself on the candidates you vote for and actual voting impacts policies regarding everything from same-sex marriage to social security to the environment, there is something we can all do at home.

Change starts with you where our environment is concerned.  No, most of us do not own a coal mine or a paper mill, however, we use products daily that impact our environment.  Think about the products in your own home – those oh so convenient Capri Sun Juice pouches take up space in our landfills – switch to a thermos little Johnny or Sally can use day after day.  Plastic water bottles – so cheap and easy to grab out of the fridge – switch to a BPA free water bottle you can use repeatedly and simply refill.  Do you recycle?  If you don’t already recycle, then start now.  Small changes may seem insignificant but think if all of us pitch in a little now in our homes.