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Planning for the Unforeseeable

On Behalf of | May 1, 2017 | Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Healthcare

Most people hope they will meet death in their sleep, in their own homes, late into their lives after enjoying retirement and grandchildren and great grandchildren.  How can you ensure that your golden years are indeed golden for you and minimize conflict for your immediate family?  Estate and end of life planning are tools that can enable your financial and physical well-being to be dictated by you.  The key is to plan early and discuss with your estate planning attorney your concerns both from a financial perspective and from a physical health perspective.  Estate planning is not just for baby boomers either. When clients ask when they should start end of life and estate planning my answer is last year.  No one plans to be unable to make medical or financial decisions for themselves in their twenties or thirties but life happens.  The key to peace of mind for both you and your family is to have a fluid estate plan – one that evolves as your finances evolve.  Your need for tax shelters is different when you are first beginning your career as opposed to when you are nearing retirement.  Healthcare directives may change as you age as well – while you may want to be more aggressive in your youth and less aggressive as you age or if your health needs change.  At McKinnish Law Group, PLLC we believe when looking to the future that a team approach is best – let use draft your healthcare directives and work in conjunction with you and/or your financial planner to determine how best to protect your wealth as your career, family and estate evolve over the years.