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Hiring a Progressive Firm

On Behalf of | May 22, 2017 | Attorney, Lawyer, Productivity, Technology

When I began practice, I would spend long, grueling days trapped to my desktop computer pouring over research and drafting.  Fast forward to 2017 and the practice of law has joined the progress of cyber-land along with other professions.  McKinnish Law Group strives to be on the cutting edge of not only legal research but technology as well.  While you may be reading this thinking why do I care if my attorney is tech savvy or not let me assure you it is important that you are represented by a firm with progressive technological advances.  Our team can access your file from anywhere in the world.  If you have an important question and your attorney is at a conference in D.C., you do not have to wait a week to have your question addressed when your attorney has your file sent in front of him/her.  If we are in Court and the Judge asks for a medical record in your case, it is a mouse-click away.  From a quality of work perspective, our staff can work during their peak productivity time.  Our morning people are able to log in bright and early from home and knock out drafting and/or research in the peacefulness of their own home without the disturbance of telephone calls or office noise.  Our staff that is more productive at night, can hop online and produce pleadings or correspondence when they are feeling productive and focused.  We are able to disseminate information to our clients without delay.  With a cloud-based system, often our clients will receive information the same day it is received by our firm which keeps our clients in touch with their cases and enables our attorneys to have prompt and comprehensive discussions with our clients, opposing counsel and the Courts.