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What Your Attorney Being a Board Certified Trial Specialist Means

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2017 | Attorney, Benefits, Firm News, Lawyer, Social Security

NBTA | National Board of Trial Advocacy | Social Security Disability Law | Established 1977

Ethics rules in most states are strict when it comes to attorneys referring to themselves as a “specialist” or “specializing.”  What does it mean if your attorney is a board certified specialist.   In the age of social media and rampant attorney advertising, any attorney can bring in clients.  Often potential clients see a pop-up ad of their Facebook page at just the right time, or repeatedly see an attorney’s advertisement on television and when they need an attorney will call the most recent attorney ad that they remember.    When you see that an attorney is a board certified specialist that means the attorney:

a.)  Has practiced for longer than a New York minute;

b.)  Has practiced in the particular specialty area heavily meaning he or she is experienced in that particular practice field; and

c.)  Has taken and passed an exam similar to a bar examination in his or her specialty area.

McKinnish Law Group, PLLC has one partner, Benjamin S. Burton, who is board certified in Social Security Disability Law by the National Board of Trial Advocacy.  To achieve this distinction, Mr. Burton had to meet stringent requirements which included number of administrative hearings litigated, number of appeals to federal court (many social security attorneys will not appeal to district court and clients do not realize this limitation), and personal and professional references.  Further, Mr. Burton had to take a full examination on social security law.  There are only 58 board certified social security attorneys nationwide.  Mr. Burton is the only board certified social security attorney in the Fourth Judicial District of East Tennessee.  To be represented by a board certified attorney means that you are represented by an attorney whose qualifications are well-tested and experience is proven.