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Top Ten Things To Do In A Divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2017 | Attorney, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News, Lawyer

  1. Keep a list of questions you have for your attorney and communicate them succinctly and at One (1) time;
  2. Provide your most recent paystub, most recent income tax filing, and a copy of your monthly income and expenses to your attorney within Thirty (30) days of hiring counsel;
  3. List all of your assets and debts. Give the list to your counsel within Thirty (30) days of hiring along with your most recent statements as to each asset and debt;
  4. Seek counseling. Divorce is hard.  It is not easy even if you want out or if it is agreed;
  5. Take your co-parenting class if you have children.
  6. Be honest with your attorney even if you have done something awful.
  7. Keep your spending reasonable. Now is not the time to take a cruise.
  8. Deactivate your social media accounts. Facebook and twitter are easy prey for opposing parties and counsel.
  9. Remember that divorce as to property and spousal support is a business transaction. Your attorney’s job is to help you make the most practical decision for your set of facts.
  10. Compartmentalize your divorce – try to let our firm do the worrying so that your life is not on pause for months.