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Miserable Company

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2017 | Attorney, Counsel, Firm News, Lawyer

Being a self-employed attorney sucks most days.  You have more to do than you can say grace over and no matter how hard you work you are never, repeat never caught up much less ahead.  What that means is on Sunday night when you are at dinner with your family you aren’t really there.  Sure you are physically stuffing down your stress with chips and queso and maybe even a margarita but just under the surface you are thinking about that client you should have called Friday before you darted out the door to get the kids from daycare or you are wishing you had filed a more substantive motion on the trial set in a week.  Life isn’t all doom and gloom.  Sometimes you realize that those around you are hating life as much as you are and there is some truth to the misery loves company theory.  Most often you realize there are those out there just like you who are stressed to the max, wishing they hadn’t taken out student loans for the oh so glamorous life of private practice – always one step away from the edge and in those moments you often share a laugh and the stress of the morning docket seems a little lighter.  You commiserate and share war stories, you look at the attorneys who have twenty (20) years on you and realize these souls have lasted so maybe just maybe I will last.