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On Behalf of | May 13, 2015 | Attorney, Divorce, Family Law, Firm News

Dear Family Law Client,

I know that your world is upside down and that the divorce/child custody process does not exactly leave a client feeling empowered or in control. The reality is that you are not going to get One Hundred Percent (100%) say-so in the outcome of your case and in a child custody case you are going to have to be away from your child(ren) for more time that you ever dreamed imaginable when you brought this sweet little person into the world. I get it – it is frustrating and by the time we have met you hate your spouse/baby mama/baby daddy and you realize that your child(ren) will forever be impacted by this person that you at one time trusted and loved above all else. Obviously, you are hurting but please remember this….your divorce attorney is a human being. He/she most likely has a spouse/partner who did not make up the bed this morning, a list of non-work obligations a mile long and maybe was too stressed out to sleep soundly last night. So before you rant and rave AT your attorney – remember your attorney (well, most attorneys) are human and trying his/her dead-level best to make the most out of your set of facts. Your attorney did not choose this person you procreated with – you did…your attorney is simply trying to help you not lose the forest for the trees so to speak. Think about your goals when you realized you were going to have to divorce – you knew money would be involved, that pontoon you guys bought three summers ago couldn’t go to both of you and that being apart means Friday night family movie night would be every other Friday night single parent and child movie night…did you listen to your attorney’s honest assessment of your case and if so, is your case resolving itself within those parameters. If so, you probably have a pretty decent attorney so keep that in mind when you are having drinks on Friday night with your girlfriends and want to complain about your situation. Remember, your attorney didn’t create it – he/she is merely trying to help you navigate through it.