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Friendly Foes

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2015 | Attorney, Lawyer, Litigation

Just because we do not throw knives at the opposing counsel before, during and after Court does not mean we litigate your case any differently whether the opposing counsel is someone we have gone to church with for Ten (10) years versus the coach of the arch rival of our son’s soccer team. I had a comment one time several years ago where the client said to me at the end of the case that they were worried when the opposing counsel asked me in the hallway afterwards how my quest to lose my maternity weight was going. Now, this opposing counsel is someone I have litigated hundreds of cases against. This attorney has pissed me off, caused me to say things I have had to repent for during my evening prayers and can be a real s.o.b. This same opposing attorney has referred cases to me and used me for countless mediations as well as solicited me for legal advice and opinions. In other words, when you see Peyton Manning and Michael Vick shake hands after a heated football game – those two professionals have given their all on the field during the game to defeat the other side but afterwards those same two athletes are professional. Likewise, when I am pounding the podium during a motions argument I am giving my client One Hundred Percent (100%)…this effort is not lessened afterwards when I shake hands with the opposing counsel or have a cocktail with that same attorney at the bar association Christmas party.