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On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2020 | Attorney, Communication, Firm News, Health, Healthcare

McKinnish Law Group, PLLC is working hand-in-hand with our local health officials to monitor the Covid-19 Pandemic.  It is difficult this as an attorney, business owner, mother and daughter to make fact-based decisions that impact so many that our firm cares about.  Our goal is to continue to provide quality service to our East Tennessee clients while also ensuring that we are doing our very best to keep those we love and care about safe and healthy.

While our staff does not fall into the high-risk category for Covid-19, many of our clients are immunosuppressed due to illness or the medications they are taking.  Our firm recognizes the importance of flattening the curve as we have all seen the graphics of over the past few days.  It is my hope as a business owner and a parent that we will look back at this period in a few months and think that we over-reacted.  However, we do not want to put our community in a situation therefore it is better to be safe than sorry.  We want to take every precaution possible to protect those around us.  To that end, McKinnish Law Group, PLLC is doing the following:

  • Our offices will be closed to the general public for the week of March 16-20th and will conduct business via telephone and/or face-face over the internet;
  • We ask anyone who enters our offices first go to the bathroom and wash his/her hands for the length of 20 seconds upon entry to our office;
  • Any in-person meetings and/or consultations we will make available to our clients by legal zoom (face-face over the internet) and/or telephone;
  • If you are immunosuppressed and need to sign paperwork, we will work with you to make that happen; and
  • We will continue to monitor the situation.

If you have any questions regarding your case or how we will proceed over the coming weeks, please call me at (865) 233-1105 or email me [email protected].